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How Much Will It Cost

Prices will vary depending on where you live and the spa's luxury factor. A smaller day spa outside a major city will have lower prices: a fifty minute Swedish massage for $75; a European facial for $65; a half-hour body scrub for $40. Prices at a more luxurious spa in a bigger city might be $95 for the massage; $90 for the facial; and $60 for the half-hour scrub. Manicures range between $20 and $35; pedicures between $45 and $65.


Destination spas can vary a great deal in the luxuries and amenities they offer, so there is a wide price range. Prices begin at around $200 per person, per night (double occupancy), including meals and some treatments, for more rustic destination spas, usually with a two-night minimum. A top-of-the-line spa like Ananda Spa Resort has a three-night minimum and can run $600 per person, per night (double occupancy) including meals and some treatments. And once you get there, you'll probably want more services and treatments than come with your allowance.


Always check to see what's included. Meals? Treatments? Tax? Service fees? And some resort spas even charge extra for yoga or aerobic classes


You can save by traveling off-season, planning your stay during the week rather than on weekends, and looking for special bring-a-friend programs. You can also make the most of your time by arriving early in the morning on your first day and leaving late your last day.


Saving On Your Spa Holidays

How do you make sure you're getting the best price on a spa vacation?


First, make sure you understand what kind of spa you're visiting, and what's included. A destination spa can be expensive, with prices ranging from $150 to $600 a day per person. But that includes all your meals, most classes and activities, and may even include some spa treatments like massage or facials. Always check to see if tax and service fees are included. They can add a hefty 25%. And you're likely to want more treatments, so budget that in.


A spa resort, on the other hand, might have an alluring room rate of $150 a night, a great golf course and six swimming pools. But you'll be paying for all your meals and treatments. They won't offer as many exercise classes. And you may have to pay $10 or $15 for every yoga class you want to take - or even to have access to the gym and steam room.


Here are some money-saving tips:

* Stay during the week for the lowest rates. Destination spas usually have a three-night minimum. A Thursday night arrival will cost more than a Sunday night arrival.


* Travel off-season. In the Northern part of India , rates are higher in the winter, lower in the summer. It's the reverse in the Southern part of India and Goa.


* If there is a particular spa you want to experience, get in touch with us. We will let you know about any special savings programs.


* Look at destination spas that are known for good value, like the Ananda in Rishikesh, Amar Vilas Agra, Pousada Tauma Goa etc. . They are rustic, but offer a healthy holiday at an affordable price.


* Some spas are copying the airlines with "frequent spa-er" programs.Ananda Spa Resort in Rishikesh, Amar Vilas Agra, Golden Palms Bangalore etc offer these facilities.


* Deals are always changing. Get in Touch with us by calling our 24 hour helpline number +91-11-49 900 900, +919873100810 or send us a mail at


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